Speak Like a Superstar

The words you use determine the way you feel. The language you choose shapes the way you perceive the world. Your vocabulary drives meaning in your life. Please think about this idea. I believe it’s a big one.

The superstar businesspeople that I’ve coached are amongst the most high-spirited   people that I’ve ever met. And the way they talk reflects that devotion to being an uplifter and elevator of human beings. They wouldn’t dream of calling a setback a ‘problem’ – they’d call it an ‘opportunity (to create something even greater).’ And then, as if by magic, their positive language provokes a set of positive sensations within them that supports them in playing victor versus victim in the seemingly difficult situation. The great ones amongst us would never express information about an upset customer as ‘bad news’ to a teammate but instead would label it “a challenge that will help us grow.” Rather than using negative words they prefer winning words that inspire those around them to dwell in possibility and keep their heads focused on the dream. The words you use influence the life you live. Select them wisely.

I have a little exercise to offer you. Pull out your journal or a clean white sheet of paper and record an inventory of the words you most frequently speak. The more aware you can become of   the quality of your language, the more at choice you will be. And writing things down dramatically raises your self-awareness. Then, once you have identified your most commonly used words, do another list. Articulate a series of spectacularly positive words that will serve you – words that you imagine a superstar in your field using.  Then bring them into your daily vocabulary. You will discover that speaking these words will make you feel better. More powerful. More passionate. And when you feel great feelings, guess what? You’ll do great things.

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