No Train, No Gain

What do The Ritz Carlton, The Hotel Victor (in Miami), Nike,  Amazon, Omni Health Care,  IBM, Satyam Computer, KPMG and other organizations that consistently deliver near flawless execution around world-class customer service have in common? Their management understands that money spent on training is not an expense – it’s an investment.

If your greatest resource is your people (and who wouldn’t agree with that?), then it only makes sense that your biggest investment should be in your people.

Developing them. Growing them. Training them.

In hard economic times, what’s the first thing shortsighted companies cut? You guessed it – the training budget.  Unbelievable. What message does that send to people?

Spectacular success in business doesn’t come by luck. The best companies didn’t get to their lofty positions by chance. The great ones didn’t reach the mountaintop by coincidence. They got there by relentlessly focusing on the right things. Like delivering outrageous value to their customers. Like innovating like there’s no tomorrow.  And by investing in the human beings who are at the heart and soul of the enterprise.  How easy it is to forget that the true worth of your organization walks in through the front doors of your building every morning and leaves through them every night. No train. No gain.

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