Lay Claim to Greatness

Blame or claim-that’s the choice each of us has to make each day. Blame what’s not working or claim the gift in the seemingly negative situation. The world needs more heroes. And heroes spend their days hunting for the best. They see the best amidst adversity. They see the best in others. They dig for the best in themselves. They claim their greatness. And in doing so, they get their best lives.

An extraordinary life is not something only available for the chosen few-people with perfect teeth and royal pedigrees. You and I are destined for greatness. We are meant to live spectacular lives. That’s hardwired into our DNA. But we need to do our part to make it all happen. Choice by choice. Step by step. Small gains eventually yield giant results.

So lay claim to your greatness. Drive a stake into the ground to mark your place under the sun. Stop being a prisoner of your past and commit to becoming the architect of your future. And remember, it’s never too late to become the person you have always dreamed of being.

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