Get Some Skin in The Game

I fail more than most people. I fail all the time. I’ve had failures in business. I’ve had failures in relationships. I’ve had failures in life. I used to wonder why this happened. But now I get it. Failure is the highway to success. And the more risks you take in the pursuit of your dreams, the more you are going to fail.

Too many amongst us live our lives in what I call “the safe harbor of the known.” Same thinking for twenty years. Same conversations for twenty years. Same breakfast for twenty years. Same drive to work for twenty years. I have no judgment on that kind of a life. If it makes you happy, well that’s a beautiful thing. But I don’t know of anyone who is happy living like that. True joy comes when you put some skin in the game and take some chances. Yes, you will start to experience more failure. But guess what, success also starts to pay more visits.

Failure is just part of the process of getting to greatness. The best companies on the planet have failed more than the average ones. The most successful people on the planet have failed more than average ones. To me, the only failure is the failure to not try and dream and dare. And I deeply feel that the greatest risk you will ever take in your life is if you never take a risk.

So go ahead, stretch today. Ask for the best table in your favorite restaurant. Ask for an upgrade into first class on your next flight (good luck). Ask your teammate at work for more understanding. Ask your mate at home for more love. Do it. I dare you. And just remember, you can’t win the game if you don’t even play.

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